- I want to thx Aipex8 for giving me permission to use his great Coldharbour Dremoras. This have save me a lot of time for creating good looking Coldharbour daedra enemies.

- All monsters in this mod are created by using grate creature resource from this authors: dogtown1, GendunDrop, muppetpuppet, Ph0rce

- Thx to Omniel Machia and his "Evil Incarnate Daedric Gear", Deadlands dremoras looks better then ever.

- Oblivion Gates in Skyrim - Modders Resource by Hanaisse


- Abbalovesyou (polymorph race model)

- GendunDrup (thanks to him, no need for Monster Mod requirements)

- FrankFamily (Adjusting/fixing 3d models)

- metaton (story writer)

- devouredbyrobots (story writer)

- DrLacevil (story/quests writer)